About Us

Our Vision
we make machines and systems talk

  • “Machines” are computers, servers, remote terminals, printers, vehicles,
  • “Systems” are ERP, CRM, Accounting System, POS, Network Monitoring System, etc.
  • “Talk” is to tell, notify and alert. It is a 2 way communication between men and machines


About Us

MOBITEK System Sdn. Bhd. was established in year 2000. We supply telecommunication equipment based on cellular technologies (GSM, WCDMA) and communication tools (SMS) that empowers systems and machines with the ability to talk and communicate with men. We research and develop software development kits so that using cellular technologies is easy for our customers. Our customer base:-

  • 50% – software developers for hotel management system, building management system and CRM
  • 40% – system integrators (M2M, IoT) – flood monitoring, weather monitoring
  • 10% – large enterprise