Change Log of MOBITEK® MobiGATE SG-B-8 SMS Gateway Product Page

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Date Revision
2019-11-11 added on-line (html) version of MOBITEK® MobiGATETM  Installation Guide
2019-03-15 revised SQL statement Insert into Outbox (message, destination) values ('Hello!', '+60172233111')
2018-02-21 the guide "MOBIGATE Installation Guide.pdf" has been revised (15th edition) in
2017-07-09 added "MOBITEK MobiGATE is an IP Based SMS Gateway"
2017-06-04 revised to "mengirim SMS dengan banyak dengan SQL statement, tanpa API dan coding";
revised excerpt to "adalah SMS gateway pribadi yang mendokong 8 ports atau SIM kartu, bisa scalable, serta MOBITEK SMS Engine yang cerdas — kirim SMS dengan SQL."
2017-05-24  versi Bahasa Indonesia added
2017-05-23 adjusted layout with 2 columns; removed link to MAXIS; replaced 4 SIM cards with 8