Annual Support Programme

Products of MOBITEK has a 12 month period of warranty and customer support service. Once the period ends, there will be neither product warranty nor customer support service. Annual Support Programme is to extend the period for another 12 months.



  1. Extending the warranty of SMS modem for another 12 months;
  2. Extending the support SMS Gateway Development Kit for another 12 months;
  3. Free upgrade of SMS Gatweway Development Kit;
  4. For MOBITEK S80 and MOBITEK Q24 SMS Modem only, during the annual support programme if the modem encounters any hardware failure, then a back-up unit shall be provided on self-collect basis.
  5. For Sierra Wilress (Wavecom) Modem, during the annual support programme, if the modem encounters any hardware failure, then a compatible back-up unit (not necessary Wavecom) shall be provided on self-collect basis.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The programme is valid for 12 months, and for 1 SMS modem Type SGDK only.
  2. The programme will commence on the date when payment is received.
  3. One programme fee is applicable for 1 modem; if you want to have a continue support for 2 modems, then 2 programme fees are payable.
  4. The programme is not transferable from 1 SMS modem to another.
  5. All transport charges related to warranty claim, i.e. sending the faulty modem to and fro between you and MOBITEK, are to be borne by you.
  6. All supports are done via e-mail, and response time is within 3 working days.
  7. Support on each component of the SMS Gateway Development Kit is according to the terms and conditions stated in the manual.
  8. Support does not cover technical issues such as programming nor system integration.
  9. All e-mail must contain the following information:-
    • Company name
    • Invoice number
    • Description of problem
    • and send it to
  10. Unless stated, support does not include on-site nor on-call support.


Terms and Conditions of Free Upgrade and Lost CD

  1. Please write to to request for an upgrade or if you have lost the any CD.
  2. For upgrade, a download link will be send to you within 7 working days.
  3. For lost CD, we will either provide a download link or send a CD to you.
  4. Due to the different model, and different firmware of SMS modem, not all SMS modems are able to support the new version of SMS Gateway Development Kit. If this is the case, then you are entitled to purchase a new modem with a discount. And the discount can only be used for one time only.

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