MOBITEK® i38 MMS Modem

i38 MMS Modem


i38 MMS Modem is communication device for sending image via multimedia messaging service (“MMS”) .

i38 MMS Modem comes with MOBITEKTM MMS API that enables software developer and system integrator to:-

  • quickly develop a multimedia messaging application, e.g. sending a image of map to mobile phone, image of a screen capture to mobile phone, etc.
  • integrate with the monitoring software of CCTV or IP camera — allowing image to be send to mobile phone via MMS when image is captured by CCTV or IP camera.

Sending MMS is so simple and easy with MOBITEKTM MMS API , these are the APIs to call in order to send a MMS:-

MMS.TransferImage (“D:\Image\Map.jpg“)

MMS.ComposeMMS (“+60123311200“, “This is the subject of MMS“, “This is the body of MMS — map to our office“)


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