MOBITEK® F3427 3G Modem + Router



If your clients have mission critical applications that requires uninterrupted internet connection and your client’s landline (Unify or Streamyx) goes down.



MOBITEK F3427 allows uninterrupted internet access via 3G network in case Unify or Streamyx service goes down.

Fail-Over to 3G Network When Landline Fails


MOBITEK F3427 enables all your devices, computers, laptops in LAN to continue to have internet access via 3G network.

  1. insert 3G SIM card into MOBITEK F3427; and
  2. connect MOBITEK F3427 to your swtich (NOT router)



Mobitek F3427-01

Mobitek F3427-08

Mobitek F3427-03

Mobitek F3427-05

Mobitek F3427-06

Mobitek F3427-07