MOBITEK® MobiGATE SG-B-8 SMS Gateway (Indonesian)

Apa Itu SMS Gateway?

SMS gateway merupakan sebuah sistem aplikasi yang digunakan untuk mengirim dan menerima SMS. Biasanya digunakan pada aplikasi bisnis, baik untuk kepentingan broadcast promosi, servis informasi terhadap pengguna, penyebaran content produk / jasa dan lain lain.

MOBITEK®  memperkenalkan kepada pengembang perangkat lunak di Indonesia SMS Gateway yang pintar dan mudah diintegrasi dengan apa-apa sistem dan aplikasi — MobiGATE serta SMS Engine Enterprise Edition.


  • mengirim SMS dengan banyak dengan SQL statement, tanpa API dan coding;
  • 2 arah SMS – kirim dan terima SMS;
  • memiliki SMS gateway yang peribadi

MOBITEK® MobiGATETM  adalah SMS gateway yang mempunyai  8 ports modem dan manfaat berikut:-

  1. sistem seperti ERP, CRM, SCM and aplikasi (mobile commerce, e-commerce) bisa kirim dan terima SMS;
  2. penuh andalan:  digunakan secar luas di Malaysia, Philippines;
  3. reputable SMS gateway that is featured in Matrade’s Magazine “What’s New from Malaysia”.
  4. murah: karena tidak ada biayai bulanan;
  5. rute: bisa mengirim SMS dengan menggunakan port yang termurah;
  6. pengiriman bersama dan keseimbangan: semua port akan bertugas secara keseimbangan dan bersama-sama untuk mengirim SMS;
  7. fail-over: kalau port 1 gagal, port 2 akan coba mengirim, kalau port 2 gagal, port 3 akan coba, sampai semua port sudah dicoba;
  8. keselamantan: semua pesan dan nomor disimpan dalam database lokal, tidak ada sambungan ke luar;
  9. scalable: bisa menambahkan jumlah gateway dengan mudah tanpa menukar kode.


Bagaimana Kirim Dan Terima SMS

Sistem atau aplikasi berkomunikasi degan MOBITEK® MobiGATETM melalui SQL statement.

Kirim SMS:
Insert into Outbox (msg_id, message, destination) values (‘1’, ‘Hello!’, ‘+60172233111’)

Terima SMS:
Select * from Inbox where read_status = ‘N’



  1. Colour: black
  2. Model SG-B-8-U-W
  3. Dimension: 1U
  4. Mobile Network: 2G and 3G
  5. Total No. of SIM card/modem: 8
  6. SIM Card Slot: Standard Size (credit card size) and Mini Size
  7. MOBITEK SMS Engine – Enterprise Edition
  8. Connectivity: USB or LAN


Informasi Lanjut

  1. Data sheet of MobiGATE
  2. MobiGATE Installation Guide
  3. corporate blog on SMS Gateway


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Comparison Between MOBITEK MobiGATE and Short Code

FEATURES SMS Gateway using MobiGATE SMS Gateway using Short Code (ASP)
Asset Tangible, all hardware and software belongs to client. No tangible asset. Nothing belongs to client.
Ownership Client owns the SMS Gateway. Client does not own the SMS Gateway. The SMS Gateway is shared by all ASP’s clients.
Initial Cost High as client purchase the right to own hardware and software. One time payment. Instead of outright purchase, client pays service fee for service rendered. Service fee is monthly (or yearly) payable.
Internet Connection Not required. Required, if the internet is down, then SMS cannot be send.
SMS Rate
  • outgoing SMS is charged according to network operator’s plan
    • Maxis to Maxis/TimeCEL
      @ RM0.07
    • Celcom to Celcom
      @ RM0.05
    • Digi to Digi
      @ RM0.07
  • incoming SMS is free
  • outgoing SMS is more expensive, about RM0.20 perSMS send
  • receiving SMS is NOT free and requires a “keyword” for routing to the client’s account.
    • possibility of losing incoming SMS if it does not contain the correct keyword in order to route it to client’s system.
SMS Number Number depends on the SIM card used.
Client can request for a special number from operator, e.g. 018-8888888
  • 5 digit or more depending on the service provider or on the GSM network operator
  • the 5 digit short code is shared with otherusers, unless client purchase an unique short code
Speed of Sending SMS and Speed of Delivering SMS Sending
The bottleneck is the GSM network which is 9.6kbps; speed is between 5 to 10 SMS per minute per SIM/channel.
For MobiGATE SG-4, 5 x 4 = 20 (to 40) SMS per minute
For MobiGATE SG-8, 5 x 8 = 40 (to 80) SMS per minuteDelivering
Depends on the Internet speed which is 1Mpbs, about few thousands SMS per minuteDelivering
Not instant, because the provider of short code will route the SMS to GSM network operator located in overseas (e.g. India) before coming back to local SMS Centre
Delivery Report
(Delivery report will show whether the SMS is received by the recipient or not)
Yes Usually no
  • If MobiGATE is down (for whatever reason),client’s IT department can maintain and bring up the system again
  • need to pay maintenance fees
  • if SMS Gateway is down, client cannot do anything but wait
  • client’s database is located at client’s local server; it is NOT stored externally
  • MobiGATE does not expose mobile numbers to any external parties
  • To send out SMS :
    user -> MobiGATE -> GSM network operator
    only the operator knows the mobile numbers
  • client’s database is hosted/stored at provider of short code
  • the provider of short code has full control and access to database, and access to mobile numbers, messages sent, messages received, etc.
  • To send out SMS :
    user -> internet -> ASP-> Maxis -> recipient’s mobile phone; total 4 steps. If internet is down, then SMS cannot be send out.

Comparison Between MOBITEK MobiGATE and Modem Pool

FEATURES SMS Gateway using MobiGATE SMS Gateway using 4/8/16 Port Modem Pool
Concurrent Sending of SMS Yes No
1 SIM card to 1 GSM Module Yes No, shared, even though there are 16 SIM cards, but there are only 4 modules
Load Balancing
all modems sharing the load
Yes No, using round-robin rule
Fail Over
if modem fails to send out SMS, the message will be routed to 2nd modem
Yes No
Genuine Sierra Wireless Module Yes No
Support 64 bit Yes No
Rackmount-able Yes, it is 1U No


Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 2016-11-15

What is the speed of sending SMS using MOBITEK®  MobiGATE?
The average speed is  8 x 10 = 80 SMS per minute.

Can MOBITEK®  MobiGATE support 8 SIM cards and above?
Yes, MOBITEK® MobiGATE is scalable. Each unit support 8 SIM cards; for 16 SIM cards, then 2 units (8 x 2 = 16) are required.

Is MOBITEK® MobiGATE a modem pool?
Yes, and most important, it is a SMS Gateway.

What is a SMS Gateway?
SMS Gateway is an interface between software application and the SMS Centre of GSM network operator. The software application can be ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Accouting Software, Network Monitoring, etc. SMS Gateway handles large transaction of sending and reading of SMS.

How can my software application integrate with MOBITEK® MobiGATE?
SQL statement or API

In what situation is MOBITEK® MobiGATE used?
Mass broadcast mobile commerce with large volume of transaction (above 1,000 SMS per day);
To send SMS quickly.

For more information, please refer to corporate blog on SMS Gateway.


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