MOBITEK® Q24 STK Modem Hub


  • Total No. of SIM cards / ports / modems: 8
    • support 8 SIM cards concurrently or simultaneously
    • SIM Card Slot: Standard Size (credit card size) or Mini Size
  • Dimension: 1U
    • all 8 modems are housed in 1U chassis
    • able to install onto 1U server rack in data centre
    • single power cable to supply power to all modems, no more multiple power sockets required
  • Supports reload or recharge via STK, USSD and SMS
  • Connectivity: LAN
  • Lead Time: 3-4 weeks upon receiving full payment
  • Payment Term: telegraphic transfer (T/T) in full or PayPal (credit card)
  • Warranty: 12 months warranty and e-mail support


Air-Time Reload Development Kit

The kit contains the following:-

  1. MOBITEK® STK API for more information, refer to …
  2. MOBITEK® STK Engine (new)
    • MOBITEK® STK ENGINE is a software or application that will automate the process of selecting the menu item in the SIM Application Toolkit (STK). It is especially develeped for the air-time reload process. The menu selection process is script/text based, in other words, no coding is needed.
    • view video demonstration on editing the script …
    • view video demonstration on engine executing the script …
  3. MOBITEK® SMS ENGINE — Enterprise Edition (applicable for model B-8-U-SG only)


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Frequently Ask Question

  1. Does MOBITEK® STK API work with any modems?
    Answer: No, it only works with MOBITEK®   Q24 STK Modem Hub
  2. Do you have trial or demo version?
    Answer: No. However, you have 2 options:-Option 1
    We will engage FedEx to collect the SIM card from you for compatability test. The test will only done whether the STK API can read from the SIM Menu ie. get and display menu inside the SIM card. It will not able to interact with SIM menu, ie. it will not able to submit data to SIM because the STK modem and SIM card is not in your country. If the STK API can get and display menu, then it is compatable and working with your SIM card. The test is successful.We will send the test result to you, if you are satisfied with the result, then issue a purchase order, and T/T money to us.Once payment is recevied we will send the SIM card, STK modem and STK API (in CD) to you.

    Option 2
    Alternatively, if it is not possible to collect the SIM card form you then we can offer you 30 days guarantee — in the event that the STK modem and STK API cannot interact (read and submit data) with the SIM application inside the SIM card, then you can return the STK modem and the STK API CD to us, and we will refund your money less courier charges and bank charges

  3. Does your STK API support air-time top-up, reload or recharge transaction via SMS and USSD?
    Answer: Yes. You can either use MOBITEK® STK API or MOBITEK® SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition.
  4. How to set-up MOBITEK®   Q24 STK Modem Hub in Overseas but Connected to My Application in Local?
  5. Who are your customers?
    Answer: For list of customers, please refer to —

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