MOBITEK® SMS API is application programming interface for short messaging service. It allows software developer or system integrator to build a SMS application, a SMS Gateway, or to add SMS functionality to an existing system (e.g. ERP, CRM).


Version: 7.3
API Type: COM/ActiveX or ActiveX Dll
Supported Operating System:
1.     Windows 2000 Pro / Server
2.     Windows XP Home / Pro 32 bit and 64 bit
3.     Windows 2003 Server 32 bit and 64 bit
4.     Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit
5.     Windows 2008 32 bit and 64 bit
6.     Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit
ActiveX File Name: MobitekSMSAPI7.dll


1.     You must be a software developer or a system integrator, and you must posses programming skill and knowledge on using ActiveX component.
2.     You must use a programming language that can reference to “MobitekSMSAPI7.dll”, call its methods and get its properties. Here is a list of programming language:
·       Visual Basic
·       Visual Basic .Net
·       Visual Studio .Net
·       Visual C++
·       Delphi
·       Cold Fusion
·       Any programming language that can call “MobitekSMSAPI7.dll”
SMS API version 7 is part of the SMS Gateway Development Kit (SMS GDK). System integrator, and software developer can choose any development kit in the SMS GDK to build their own SMS Gateway.


1.     rapid development of a SMS Gateway
2.     full control of the message flow, business logic and the design of SMS Gateway
3.     can decide how to handle incoming message – trigger an event, or launch an external application
4.     can decide where to store the incoming message – in database, in text, or in XML
5.     can decide who should receive outgoing message, when to send, what the send
6.     integrate SMS feature with external sofware application
7.     able to check credit balance of prepaid account
8.     able to reload, top-up the prepaid account

General Features

1.     to initialize modem; to connect and disconnect GSM modem with PC/Server
2.     to reboot the GSM modem
3.     to unlock SIM with PIN
4.     to check whether GSM modem is connected with GSM network
5.     to check the signal strength of GSM network
6.     to get the name of GSM network operator
7.     to send SMS (maximum 160 characters, and in text format only)
8.     to send long message i.e. SMS longer than 160 characters (concatenating messages)
9.     to read incoming SMS (in text format only)
10. to turn on / off the delivery status report, and to obtain delivery status report of outgoing SMS
11. to interact with GSM network via USSD (for checking account balance, expiry date, top-up prepaid account, etc.)
12. to add, delete, edit phone book in SIM card
13.  to check whether a mobile number is on-line