MOBITEK® SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition


MOBITEK®  SMS Engine Enterprise Edition is a SMS engine used by MOBITEK®  MobiGATETM. System integrator and software developer (SI/SD) do not need to write any code to build a SMS Gateway. The MOBITEK®  SMS Engine uses MS SQL Server or MySQL Server database to store incoming SMS, and to check if there is any pending SMS to be send out. SI/SD only needs to insert record into database to send out SMS, and retrieve record from database to read SMS. The MOBITEK®  SMS Engine has taken care all SMS transactions.

MOBITEK SMS Engine -- Enterprise Edition-S1


  1. Auto-reconnection with modem.
  2. Uses Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server.
  3. Prevention of any lost of SMS.
  4. Sending of SMS in alphanumeric character (text) and in Chinese character (Unicode).
  5. Support concatenating multiple-parts of SMS i.e. sending SMS longer than 160 characters.
  6. Intelligent SMS Sending Logic:-
    • Scheduling of outgoing SMS – based on the date and time set in “datetime_schedule”
    • Prioritization of outgoing SMS – earliest “datetime_schedule” will be send out, and all  “datetime_schedule = null” will be last to send out
    • FIFO – if there is neither scheduling nor prioritization, then “FIFO” rule will be applied – SMS  Engine will process the 1st record in the outbox until the last record.
  7. Configure the direction of individual modem.
  8. Remote monitoring of SMS Engine Enterprise Edition Service.
  9. Load balancing. It is NOT on “round-robin” basis.
  10. Dynamic queue size – the Engine will dynamically allocate queue size, if more modems are successfully initialized then queue size will be increased.
  11. Configurable queue size – the queue size can be changed, default size is 8 SMS/records per modem.
  12. Routing – sophisticated and intelligent routing logic that can be easily configured.
  13. Number of retries – can be configured. If SMS fails to be send, it will retry until the specified time.
  14. Fail-over – if modem no.1 cannot send out the SMS, modem no. 2 will take over, etc.
  15. Supports multiple modems – up to 4 or more MOBITEK®  Modem (Type SGDK) or multiple MOBITEK®  MobiGATETM

How To Send SMS

To send out SMS in text mode, the SQL statement is:

Insert into Outbox (message, destination) values ('Hello!', '+60172233111')

To send out SMS having Chinese character, the SQL statement is:

Insert into Outbox (message, destination, msg_type) values ('你好', '+60172233111', 'U')

To out SMS in bulk:

Insert into Outbox (message, destination) values ('Hello!', '+60172233111'),  ('Hello!', '+60172233112'), ('Hello!', '+60172233113'), ('Hello!', '+60172233114'), ('Hello!', '+60172233115');

To out SMS in bulk (MS SQL):


Contents of “MSSQLTextFile.txt”:-


To out SMS in bulk (MySQL):


Contents of “MySQLTextFile.txt”:-

,Hello!,,2015-12-17 09:33:29,+60172233111,P,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,T,NULL,

,Hello!,,2015-12-17 09:33:29,+60172233112,P,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,T,NULL,

,Hello!,,2015-12-17 09:33:29,+60172233113,P,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,T,NULL,

,Hello!,,2015-12-17 09:33:29,+60172233114,P,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,T,NULL,

,Hello!,,2015-12-17 09:33:29,+60172233115,P,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,T,NULL,

How To Read SMS


To read all new SMS

Select * from Inbox where read_status = 'N'

To change the status of new SMS to “read”

Update Inbox Set read_status = 'Read' Where Status = 'N'
Update Inbox Set read_status = 'Read' Where msg_id = 'ID of the message that SI/SD is processing'


  1. Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0
  2. Windows Operating System:
    • Windows XP Pro / Vista / 7 /  8 /  10; 32 bit and 64 bit
    • Windows Server 64-bit 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016
  3. Database server:-
    • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition 2000 / 2003 / 2008;
    • Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition 2005;
    • MySQL Server version 4.1 and above with MySQL ODBC Connector version 5.1; or
    • Oracle 11g and above (special license is required)