For SME who needs to communicate with customers, employees via SMS, MOBITEK SMS360 is a SMS messaging tool that allows SME to :-

  • broadcast news, promotion, update via SMS to customers, employees and members;
  • allow customers contact SME by SMS (in addition to telephone, fax and e-mail);
  • send business reports or transaction notification to employees or management;
  • implement 2 factor authentication

Why Consider MOBITEK SMS360?

  • MOBITEK SMS360 is the best in Malaysia because your customer database is kept private, you do not store customer details on our side. And this complies with Personal Data Protection Act 2010;
  • MOBITEK SMS360 is used by Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, CCM Berhad and Hilton Hotel;
  • MOBITEK SMS360 supports using WhatsApp in PC.

How SMS is Used in Business


MOBITEK SMS360 Basic Edition

  • Broadcast Manager:-
    • send SMS in English, Bahasa Malaysia or Mandarin
    • broadcast SMS to 1 group or many groups
    • broadcast SMS to 1 contact or many contacts
  • Contact Manager:
    • Import/export contact from/to Excel file
  • Message Manager:-
    • Export incoming, and outgoing messages to Excel
  • SMS Engine:-
    • Real time display of SMS activities

How to use SMS360 Basic Edition

Sending SMS to Group
Sending SMS to Individual

Do You Have a SMS Gateway That Does Not Require Internet to Send Out SMS?

Yes, we have.


Our product MOBITEK SMS360 Basic Edition does not require internet line to send out SMS. It only requires:-

  1. a SIM card, post-paid or pre-piad;
  2. a computer or laptop

SMS360 Supports
WhatsApp in PC

SMS360 Basic Edition 03

For companies who wish to add WhatsApp as a corporate communication channel with employees and customers, MOBITEK SMS360 now supports Whatspp in PC is social media marketing tool that that enables companies to reach out to customers via SMS, pictures and videosNow besides SMS, you can use WhatsApp in your corporate PC.


  1. able WhatsApp account that can be accessed or used by any employees in the company
  2. use WhastApp as part of social media marketing tool (in addition to Facebook, Twitter)
  3. run contest using WhatsApp, for example Nescafe is using WhatsApp to receive contest entry that includes pictures of receipt, Basic Edition 04
WhatsApp Comparison
FUNCTIONS WhatsApp in PC WhatsApp in Smart Phone Whatsapp Web
Who owns WhatsApp account? company owns it, can be accessed via PC the smart phone owner the smart phone owner
WhatsApp account can be shared by employees of the company? Yes No No
Company's dedicated number? Yes No No
Smart Phone Must be Stayed On and Connected to Internet? No smart phone is required Yes Yes
Copy files from PC to WhatsApp Yes No Yes
Copy files from WhatsApp to PC Yes No Yes
2 Way communication? Yes Yes Yes
Able to send video? Yes Yes Yes
Able to send pictures? Yes Yes Yes


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E-Mail Edition

With SMS360, sending SMS from an e-mail address is simple, efficient, and reliable. We simply convert your e-mail into SMS. We will response to you via e-mail to send status of the SMS.

Works with …

  • Outlook, Thunderbird, Web Mail (e.g. Gmail)
  • Network Monitoring System (Whatsup Gold, OpManager, NetCrunch, etc.)
  • Central Monitoring System (CCTV)
  • any systems (security, visitor management, etc.) that can trigger e-mail
  • any softwares (ERP, CRM) that can trigger e-mail

How Does It Work?

Compose an e-mail, like this:

From: (your e-mail address)
To: (pre-set e-mail account that will convert e-mail to SMS)
Subject: (subject will not be converted into SMS)
Body: 0128811000, 0137733622, 0163322111, 0193673322
Your message goes here, the 2nd line. We’ll convert it into SMS, send SMS to the recipient’s mobile number as stated in the 1st line of your body. Send to multiple recipients by separting the mobile numbers with a comma.

How does it help your business?

  • Appointment reminders – Send texts to remind customers about appointments for haircuts, dental check-ups etc.
  • Small loan notifications – Send reminders to customers when loan applications have been accepted or when payments are due.
  • Insurance policy renewal reminders – You can send SMS reminders to customers whose insurance policies are about to expire and need to renew.
  • Website and hardware monitoring alerts – When something breaks at 2 a.m. and an email alert is unlikely to get through, use a text alert to wake your IT team.
  • Important updates – Vital information has to travel fast, making an SMS the most effective way to send it and make sure it is actually read.
  • Password confirmations – It is much safer to send a password reminder directly to a customer’s phone than their email inbox.
  • Last-minute offers – When the clock is ticking, you cannot afford to wait until people read emails. An SMS will be read quickly, meaning you’ll get a much better response rate.
  • Debt collection – Double your response rate and save time by contacting your users by text.
  • Booking confirmations – Booking software can be SMS enabled to notify staff of new hotel reservations.
  • Satisfaction surveys – You can boost survey feedback by switching from email to SMS. The average response rate to a business SMS is 15-30% – way above email.



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Support and FAQ

Refer to the following links should you require further information and technical help:-