The Sierra Wireless Wavecom AirLink™ Fastrack Xtend EDGE programmable gateway offers quad-band EDGE connectivity in a rugged form factor. The Xtend FXT009 can be used as a GSM modem, providing SMS, voice/audio and circuit switched data connectivity. It can be  easily integrated to a wide range of industrial equipment, allowing remote monitoring and control. The Fastrack FXT009 can also be used as a standalone product, with an embedded customer application developed using the Sierra Wireless Development Suite.

AirLink Fastrack Xtend gateway provides a highly extendable platform  for the creation of a wide range of M2M solutions, with versions supporting quad band (850/900/1850/1900) GSM/GPRS and EDGE, or tri-band (2100/850/1900) HSxPA and dual band (800/1900) CDMA 1xRTT.

The Fastrack Xtend FXT009 features an open-standard expansion card interface, enabling you to add additional IO connectivity or features like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and more. Sierra Wireless expansion cards can be used, or you can develop your own expansion card.


Sierra Wireless Fastrack Xtend is not compatible with Wavecom Fastrack M1306B.

Data Sheet

Data sheet of Sierra Wireless AirLink™ FXT009

Frequently Ask Question


Q1: Which models are replacing Wavecom Fastrack M1306B, Supreme 10 and Supreme 20 Gsm Modem?

1. MOBITEK® Q24 GSM Modem
2. Sierra Wireless Wavecom Modem

Q2: Are the materials used for the Q24 Gsm Modem same as the one used for Wavecom?

Answer: Only the GSM/GPRS module used is from Wavecom.

Q3: What is the difference between Sierra Wireless (Wavecom) Fastrack Xtend Model FXT001, FXT003 and FXT009?

All of them are GSM quad band
1. FXT001 has GRPS
2. FXT009 has GPRS + EDGE
3. FXT003 has GPRS + EDGE + 3G


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