Change Log of The Contents of MOBITEK MobiGATE Installer

Date Revision
2020-04-20 Control Panel version 2.6 is released
2020-01-08 revised "config.xml" for 16 modems
2019-12-23 added "vcomsetup4.5.11.exe" installer
2019-11-25 revised "Installation.htm" — added "MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition version 7 Manual.pdf" and link to
2019-11-12 removed "for old model SG-4-U / SG-4-E";
removed "MOBIGATE Installation Guide_14.pdf";
added "2. Configure the IP address of MOBITEK® MobiGATETM using "upgrade.exe".";
removed "Driver" tab and "Driver.htm";
removed these folders "Virtual Serial COM Port for SG-4-E (EP432)" , "USB Driver for SG-4-U (US401)" , "USB Driver for SG-B-8-U";
added 'Miscellaneous' section;
added "AlwaysUp" & "ServiceTray" installer;
added "How to use Hyper Terminal.pdf";
2019-10-02 revised "MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition v.6 Guide.pdf"
2019-06-21 added 'Version 7' folder that contains installer for SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition version 7.1
2018-07-25 Control Panel version 2.5.2 is released;
both on-line and pdf version of the user's guide are included
2018-06-14 Control Panel version 2.4.1 is released
2018-04-25 pdf version and html version for SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition
2018-02-21 the guide "MOBIGATE Installation Guide.pdf" has been revised — 15th edition;
there are 2 installation guides:-
"MOBIGATE Installation Guide.pdf" for new model
"MOBIGATE Installation Guide_14.pdf" is for old model
2017-07-25 Control Panel version 2 is released
2017-06-22 Control Panel version 1.6.2 is released
2017-06-02 added installer for MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition version 6.2.1
2017-05-02 revised "3. How to Remove a Modem from MobiGATE"
2017-04-11 new banner; change to; replace picture of MobiGATE; added "How to Remove Top Panel of Chassis of MobiGATE.htm"
2017-03-31 revised the manual "MOBITEK SMS Engine — Enterprise Edition v.6 Guide.pdf" to 3rd edition
2017-02-17 revised the guide "Installation Guide for MobiGATE SG-B-8-L.html"
2017-02-01 replaced the setup.exe with an older installer for version 6.1 dated on 2016-04-16;
removed "Web Console" folder; change to;
added "Control Panel.htm"
2016-12-02 added 'Setup.exe' for SMS Engine version 6.1 (config.xml removed);
added 'setup.exe' for Control Panel;
added 'Configuration Folder' for 'config.xml' file;
added USB driver for model SG-B-8-U
2016-07-27 added "ODBC 64 bit will NOT work, you must use 32 bit"
2016-06-20 added folder "How to Remove a Modem from MobiGATE"