Change Log of The Contents of MOBITEK SMS Gateway Development Kit Installer

Change Log
Date Revision
2020-10-16 added "How to Install USB Driver of MOBITEK S80 and Find the COM Port Number.pdf" and "Set-up Guide for MOBITEK S80 on LAN.pdf"
2019-09-09 revised contents of the folder "..\SMS Gateway Development Kit\Main Menu" — added "SMS Express";

replaced with;

added "How to Send and Read SMS Using MOBITEK S80 Modem with SMS Express in AirCard Watcher.pdf" into folder "..\SMS Gateway Development Kit\MOBITEK S80\AirCard Watcher"
2019-09-07 revised contents of the folder "..\SMS Gateway Development Kit\MOBITEK SMS360\Basic Edition";

revised these files — "Installation Guide.htm", "Index.htm", "User's Guide.htm";

replaced "How to Install SMS360 Basic Edition in Windows OS 64 bit.pdf" with "How to Solve Run-Time Error 339 or Missing FM20.dll.pdf"
2019-05-03 revised "..\SMS Gateway Development Kit\MOBITEK S80\Main.htm", added "LAN" folder
2018-12-20 revised the link to to
2018-10-17 added folder "SMS Engine v6" and installer;
removed folder "MOBITEK Q24-SERIAL";
added folder "MOBITEK SMS360;
added "icon.ico"
2018-06-28 added folder "Wavecom Fastrack Supreme 20" ;
removed folder "MultiModem SMS API";
removed folder "e-mail to SMS Converter";
removed folder "SMS Web Portal version 3"
2017-12-05 added folder "..\SMS Gateway Development Kit\MOBITEK S80\Aircard Watcher" and installer "MOBITEK S80_AirCard_UMTS_Watcher_Generic_Build2584.msi"
2017-08-21 added installer for MOBITEK SMS360 Basic and E-Mail Edition
2017-08-02 update all URL to "https"
2017-01-26 added "Manual.htm" with link to
2016-11-07 added installer and sample codes for MOBITEK SMS API version 7.3.2
2016-10-07 relocate pictures of FXT009
2016-10-06 revised "CLISMS.htm"
2016-09-29 revised main.htm to include installation guide for MOBITEK S80
2016-09-28 added installer for MOBITEK SMS Engine — Basic Edition with 4 Engines
2016-06-29 added "VB.Net" folder that contains sample code for MOBITEK SMS API version 9.2
2016-06-06 added "Setup for MOBITEK SMS API version 9.2.exe"
2016-05-28 added new folder "MOBITEK S80"
2016-05-18 new USB driver version 3.8.9 for FXT009 replaced the old driver; new driver supports Win 7 and Win 8.1
2016-05-17 MOBITEK CLISMS version 6.0 released
2015-02-04 added installer for MOBITEK SMS API version 9.2
2014-12-15 a) MOBITEK SMS API version 5.3.5 updated to version 5.3.8; b) MOBITEK SMS ENGINE – BASIC EDITION updated to version 5.3
2013-10-10 MOBITEK SMS API version 7.3 is finalised. No more new functions will be added.
2013-10-01 MOBITEK SMS API version 9 (beta) is added
2013-02-01 Sample code in Java for SMS API version 7 is added
2011-08-24 SMS API (COM/ActvieX DLL) upgraded to version 7.3 (beta) with support of unicode SMS
2011-02-10 e-mail to SMS Converter version 2.2 is released and replaced "Push e-mail"
2010-09-29 SMS Engine version 5.2.2 upgraded to version 5.2.3
2010-09-17 CLISMS version 5.1 upgraded to version 5.2
2010-06-04 SMS API (COM/ActvieX DLL) upgraded to version 7.2 (beta)
2009-07-01 SMS API (COM/ActvieX DLL) version 7.0 (beta) released that support sending of SMS longer than 160 characters (concatenanting SMS)
2009-03-01 SMS Engine Basic Edition upgraded to version 5.2
2009-01-01 SMS API for Java added into Development Kit
2008-08-01 SMS Engine Basic Edition version 5.0 released
2008-02-01 Push Mail (Free POP edition) added