MOBITEK® SMS Controller (King Pigeon Brand)


MOBITEK® SMS Controller is a very simple device which can be used for authorized door access, controlling gates, switching of remote equipments, car parking systems.

SMS Controller can be used in places which require turning ON/OFF your system, machines, and equipments remotely with a SMS text from your mobile phone and protect your assets.

SMS Controller with multi-digital inputs for digital inputs, when any one of the inputs triggered, will start the siren or switch on the light automatically. It will send SMS to alert the owners immediately. This is very useful if you need protect your assets with low cost solution.



MOBITEK® SMS Controller is suitable for:

  • receiving SMS alert when there is power outage;
  • automate water pump station — automatically power on or off the pump depending on the water level;
  • building monitoring;
  • Security Alarm System applications;
  • Supervision and monitoring alarm systems;
  • Automatic monitoring system;
  • Vending Machines security protection;
  • Pumping Stations, Tanks, Oil or Water levels;
  • Weather Stations;
  • River Monitoring and Flood Control;
  • Oil and gas pipelines;
  • Corrosion protection;
  • Temperatures, water leakage applications;
  • Wellheads, boat, vehicle;
  • Energy saving, street lights control system;
  • Valve controls;
  • Transformer stations;
  • Unmanned machine rooms;
  • Control room application;
  • Automation System (M2M);
  • Access Control System;
  • Gate Opener


How to Configure

No coding required, configure the controller via Windows software:-

For more information, please refer to Quick Installation Guide for MOBITEK SMS Controller S130



  • Q: MOBITEK® SMS Controller is using 2G or 3G?
    A: 2G (GSM) network.


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Specification Description
Brand King Pigeon
Model S140 , S130
GSM Frequency GSM Quad-band 850/1900/1800/1900MHz
Power adapter DC 12V/1.5A
Power Current Max:500mA   Type :50mA
SIM Card Supporting 3V SIM Card
GSM Antenna 50 Ω SMA Antenna interface
Interface USB Port
Input Type dry contact, NC/NO/End Of Line
Output Type Relay Output, 240VAC/3A.
Dimension LxWxH 153x86x28mm
Backup-Power 3.7V 1200MAh LI-ION battery
Temperature -20°C to +60 °C
Humidity Relative humidity 20~95% (condensation free)
Net Weight 320g
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